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How to Assemble your Frame

The Vietnam Resource - Your Guide on How to...Assemble your Rucksack - How to Assemble your Frame

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Right Side

This section deals with:
Frame Components
Attaching the Shoulder Straps
Attaching the Upper & Middle Back Straps
Attaching the Lower Back & Waist Straps
Attaching the Vertical Cargo Straps


When you purchase your rucksack it may be in its separate components. Putting it together for the first time can cause some headaches. This section helps you on your way by explaining how to assemble the different types of rucksacks you are likely to be using when doing re-enactment. It also suggests how to attach your extra equipment and pack your rucksack if you are going out on any missions.

Frame Components

Your lightweight rucksack and frame are made up of the following components:

Aluminium Frame
Two Shoulder Straps (Left one quick release)
Upper Back Strap
Middle Back Strap
Lower Back Strap
Waist Strap
Three Vertical Cargo Straps

The Lightweight Tropical Rucksack has several key features:

Rucksack Front Drawstring Right Side

Pouch Flap (With Map Compartment)
Nylon Drawstring
Three Cargo Pockets
2 Hangers A & B
Frame Securing Strap
Canteen Securing Strap
Pouch Reinforcement Straps

Attaching the Shoulder Straps

You should have two shoulder straps similar to the ones pictured above.
The left shoulder strap has a quick release device, whilst the right strap has not.

At the bottom end of either straps is a loop. Thread this around the outer bar of the frame and then around the strap itself. Then pull until it tightens itself.

At the top of the frame are four frame buckles. The outer two are for the vertical cargo straps and the inner two are for attaching the rucksack shoulder straps.
Face the frame so that the curved side, i.e. the side that goes against your back, is towards youself. Thread the upper shoulder strap around the outside of the upper bar of the frame and through the inner riveted buckle. Secure it through the shoulders strap's buckle. Adjust to fit.

Attaching the Upper and Middle Back Straps

Face the frame so that the shoulder straps are away from you. The upper back strap is secured between the two riveted buckles visible in the picture above. Thread the strap between two aligning placements, so that the buckle is towards you. thread the one end through the buckle and secure. Secure the extra webbing flap by its popper, making sure it is behind two placements.

The Lower back strap is attached in the same way.

Attaching the Lower Back and Waist Straps

The lower back strap is arranged around the rucksack frame as pictured above. Face the rucksack so that the curved side is away from yourself. Wrap the strap around the frame and secure with the buckle. Adjust to fit.

To attach the waist strap (Not pictured) secure both ends in a similar way to the shoulder straps on the same frame part as the lower back strap. Adjust to fit.

Attaching the Vertical Cargo Straps

To assemble the Vertical Cargo Straps first attach the Upper Frame Buckle Chapes through the two outer buckles (The inner two are for the shoulder straps) The centre chape attaches between the two shoulder straps. While facing the curved side away from you, thead the looped end of the chape through the buckle and round the upper frame bar. Loop over the other end and pull tight. Perform the same method for the inner chape, accept the buckle isn't present here.

The cargo straps (Missing here) attach in the same way to the buckles on the middle frame bar. The cargo straps are pulled upwards to secure on the chapes own buckles (Picture not available).


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